The Martinelli family, repositories of an ancient farming tradition, have taken a great care over the details: the farmhouse and its annexes have been fully renovated, the rooms are carefully decorated with laces and furnished with antiques, in the garden there is plenty of colourful flowers and plants.

The main farmhouse, where the Martinelli's have been living for generations, is now divided into three comfortable double rooms and two cosy apartments, named after the old craft activities that were formerly carried out in the farm and the use the buildings were intended for.

In the old farmhouse “Le Caggiole”:
› on the first floor: Room Il Maniscalco (The Farrier),
› on the second floor: Room Lo Stalliere (The Stableman).

In the annex "Vecchio forno e cucinone" (Old Oven and Kitchen) next to the main farmhouse:
Room La Nicchia (The Shell),
Apartment La Massaia (The country housewife).

In the sunny annex, separated from the other, formerly used as a shed for citrus trees overwintering:
Apartment La Limonaia.

Room Il Maniscalco

Room Lo Stalliere

Room La Nicchia

Apartment La Limonaia

Apartment La Massaia

Camera Agriturismo Montepulciano - Il Maniscalco Camera Agriturismo Montepulciano - Lo Stalliere Camera Agriturismo Montepulciano - La Nicchia Apartment Agriturismo Montepulciano - La Limonaia Apartment Agriturismo Montepulciano - La Massaia